Booklice in Cold Christmas

 Booklice Cold Christmas


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Booklice Control Cold Christmas offers the same day service for all Booklice problems throughout Cold Christmas. We also work weekends and have late evening appointments too so we can be at your property in no time.

We also work weekends and have a 24 hour call out service available for emergencies

Booklice Control Cold Christmas carry out our services on a job work basis or by way of an annual service agreement

Our Pest Control technicians are certified, fully insured and prompt and professional at all times

After every visit or treatment carried out a fully detailed report will be left with you including recommendations on how the problem can be prevented from happening again

For a free survey and quotation please call our Booklice Control team today Call

m.07852 111437

tel.08445 864 373



About Booklice

Booklice are fast moving minute light brown in colour about 1mm Long

There are several species and they all have soft bodies and cannot fly they feed and live around damp surfaces eggs are hatched other 4 weeks

Adult booklice feed on microscopic moulds that grow on the glue of book – bindings

Or on damp food (especially cereals)

They can grow to large numbers especially in new properties where the plaster is still damp

They survive poorly in dry cold or dry heat.

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